Domestic cleaners
Kitchen leaning

If you've ever visited a friend's home unannounced only to discover their kitchen is squeaky clean (without any warning?!), you might wonder how they do it. Well, apparently the secret to a clean kitchen is daily upkeep.

Here is dome tips:

1. Use a "one in, one out" rule when stocking the fridge.

Every time you come home with groceries, wipe the shelves down and remove anything that doesn't look fresh. By removing food that's no longer edible before adding new items, you keep your fridge from becoming overcrowded and cuts down on clutter and food waste.

2. Combine each meal with a chore.

And that doesn't mean just cleaning your plate after you eat. Every morning when you use the stove to make eggs, after eating, remove the metal stove tops and wipe the surface. Making a meal acts as the trigger to get us to clean a little — overtime, it would feel weird if we didn't do follow through with it.

3. Keep wipes where you can see them.

Antibacterial wipes help us stay on top of spot cleaning in the kitchen — everything from the messy area around the cat dishes to a spill on the floor. You can double-duty too: If the wipe isn't gross after cleaning a spill, fold it over and wipe off the top of the coffee maker, stove hood, or dishwasher door.

4. Store foods that must be eaten toward the front of the fridge.

Put all foods that are close to their 'enjoy by' date in the front of the fridges. This way they're top of mind when you open the door looking for something to eat – and expired food clutter doesn't even have a chance to form.

5. Set a timer.

On your mark, get set ... and don't stop cleaning until you hear the ding. You can set the timer and clean for 15 minutes every morning after breakfast and every night after dinner.