Domestic cleaners

Many people will agree with me that cleaning does not fall within their definitions of fun. However, it is one of the chores we can’t give up unless we want to live like animals. Luckily, some good music can make a great difference by helping pass time and make cleaning chores less boring.

”We Are Never Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift

This song simply makes you lose your soul into an imaginary wonderland. By the time it ends, you will have done your bedroom, store, and the sitting room. It is perfect song sweeping floors.

“Run The World” – Beyonce

This song starts at a slow pace only to build up into one of the wildest tempos we have ever heard. It makes us develop goose bumps because it is an epic song that brings back our mood during this boring task.

Sweeping the floor

Sweeping the floor requires something boppy, happy and with some rhythm. Who doesn’t like to dance and/or pretend they’re signing while sweeping the floor? (Ooops… maybe that’s just us?)

Dusting the shelves

Here’s something that most peope don’t like to do, but that has a lot of benefits, especially for an asthmatic person.  Also, with a cat, we have a lot more dust and dander than we used to.

For dusting, we recommend to listen to funky stuff–not too slow, not too fast, with a great beat that lets me sway my hips as wet ry to clean the dust between the items of our LEGO collection… without breaking them.

Here is our special recommendation for cleaning the bathrooms.