Doing business since 2013

We have started Buton cleaning services 6 years ago with two vision, Deliver the best quality of service possible and the most outstanding customer service, we are still driven by this vision.

Our mission is clear

At Buton  we set the bar high, rising the standard fro contract cleaning.

Our mission 

To deliver pristine services at an affordable price. We know what it takes to set ourselves apart and build loyalty. We guarantee tailored service from your initial enquiry.

Our mission and core values are based on providing consistency of service, quality personnel and reliability.

Regardless of the experience you had so far in hiring a cleaning company, our systematic approach towards training, cleaning and management will give you the confidence tor relax and leave the cleaning to us.

Since our inception in 2013, our contract cleaning business has thrived and we now have a regular scheduled cleaning. This is being added to regularly and we look forward to putting your name onto out cleaning list.

If you are looking for an ongoing scheduled cleaning services. domestic or commercial, get in touch with us today for a free quote. You will find us incredibly helpful and professional.


Our Guarantee

Simply put, our goal at Buton Limited is to obtain 100% satisfaction in our service. No fine print. No asterisks. No worries.


280,000 Cleans

We work towards becoming a leader in the domestic cleaning industry to create trust and thus make positive impact. We work hard to establish Buton cleaning as a recognised brand – equivalent for trust and added value experience in the cleaning field.



All of our maids are checked, vetted and paid above the minimum Living Wage. We engage with our team to inspire them, to motivate and direct them. Our cleaners are inspired cleaning maniacs, who enjoy their job … and this approach is a game changer.

Our Promise

High Cleaning Standard

By getting leverage in the domestic cleaning field to create trust, we contribute to a safe and secure choice for all our clients. We act and we deliver a high standard. This is our genuine promise. No disappointments or your money back guaranteed!

Value Added

Cleaning Services

Fair pay for our cleaners. Ttransparent company price policy. Automated direct debit payments for our clients. No more missed appointments - we use  Individual scheduling software.      Incentives for referring someone else to our business.