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Carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning services business is a repeating business. Doing a good job, being polite and friendly helps us build a positive and loyal image as a professional carpet cleaning company and to become trusted expert in this field. We also perform a free on site surveys. It is not only good to see what we are cleaning, but we would like to go with you over questions and concerns you may have.

  • We use the latest top of the range professional carpet cleaning machines
  • We will finish in half the time
  • We guarantee best possible quotes
  • We guarantee full satisfaction with great results
  • We are confident you will recommend our carpet cleaning services to others
  •  Contact our professional team, who will be happy to answer your queries, provide you with a quote.
  • We guarantee your carpets will be revived – they will not only look cleaner but will feel softer…and will last longer.

The right equipment is vital

  • All of our carpet cleaning technicians have been professionally trained
  • We use the most powerful carpet cleaning system available
  • We are properly insured
  • Our prices are fixed – there are no hidden costs
  • You may attempt to remove stains and spots from your carpet using product from the supermarkets, but this could prove to be very costly and in most of the cases inefficient. Did you know that if the chemical has not been rinsed thoroughly it will continue to work in your carpet long after you think you have finished removing the stain?
  •  Carpet cleaning is needed at least once in twelve months. For households with pets and kids it is recommended every 6 months. Our carpet cleaning technicians can help you make the right choice so you can enjoy fresher, happier and healthier life.

Single bedroom


Double bedroom




Stairs (per step)




Two seater sofa


Three seater sofa


Dining chair seat


Dining chair seat and back


Four/five seater sofa


Large rug (8ft x 6ft)


Extra large (13ft x 9ft)